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  • Archanas


    Offer Archana (chanting of sacred names) to the Divine Deities: Rudra Trishtati Bilvarchana, Lalitha Trishtati Archana


  • Guru Poornima Biksha

    The only day the Master unconditionally accepts anything given with gratitude. When it is offered directly to the enlightened guru, it will help liberate you from karmas and negative patterns that are blocking your success in this life.


  • Chandi Homa

    Chandi Homa


    Chandi Homa is a powerful fire ritual done to invoke the intense presence of Devi – the Cosmic Mother. In this Chandi Homa each mantra is chanted from the glorious Devi Mahatmyam, and the oblations are offered to Mother Chandi in the fire pit.

  • Abhishekams



    Abhishekam (ritual bath) for Deities.  Nataraja, Kalabhairava, Subramanya, Ganesha, Dakshinamoorthy, Venkateshwara, Pratyanghara Devi, Rajarajeswari


  • Pratyaksha Pada Puja

    Offering gratitude at the feet of the Master. “e-Pratyaksha Pada Puja” is a very special puja done in the physical presence of the Guru. When done in his physical presence the power of the puja is amplified – the participant is in tune, and mirrors the inner space of the master – burning karmas and making the experience of Advaita palpably stronger.
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  • Uttamottama Seva

    Uttamottama Seva


    Offering of all that is ultimate – puja, dance, music, vedic chants etc – to Paramashiva , the ultimate divine cause and mover of the cosmos.