Why do I need to submit my passport to make a donation?

The Indian Government strongly regulates the flow of donations into the country from non Indian citizens by the FCRA act.  Hence we need to document the identity of the person donating and their nationality in order to meet the requirements mentioned in the act. Please upload a legible copy of your passport before you make the donation and then proceed with the rest of the checkout process. In case we need further information, our accounts department will call you to collect it.  Thank you for your understanding.

The copy of the Identity documents are maintained securely on our servers and will not used for any  purpose other than to  validate the donation when we are asked to do so by the Government or our auditors.

This site is for donors who are NOT INDIAN Citizens

By proceeding you agree that you are NOT an Indian Citizen (i.e you do not have an Indian passport). Indian Citizens (resident anywhere in the world) kindly visit our India donations site at gateway.nithyananda.org/donations-india