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Venkateshwara Thomalai and Tulasi Mala Seva


Offer the Thomalai and Tulasi Mala to Venkateshwara regularly gratitude and recieve the rejoicing presence of both Lakshmi  and Venkateshwara in your life.

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Offering Venkateshwara Thomalai and Tulasi MalaSeva

For more details or any queries, contact: programs@nithyananda.org

 Daily a 24ft long Flower Garland (Thomalai) is offered to the 12ft tall Venkateshwara Deity under the Bidadi Kalpavrksha Banyan Tree. Offer your grattitude to ever benevolent Lord of Compassion and sustenance. If you offer ans sustain his alankaram, He will sustain everything in your life for you, because for him the ultimate fullfillment and abundance reside within him as Mahalakshmi. Tulasi is also a consort of Venkateshwara, and he enjoys wearing the Tulasi offered by his devotees. This is his compassion and grace.